[Twitter] One Way's Chance Wants Fans To Participate in the Next Album!

One Way member Chance made an announcement on his Twitter account that the trio are still the process of making their album’s artwork.

Chance further added that the group needs pictures of “oneway” road signs from around the world.

Here are the requirements from Chance’s Twitter:

”1. it must be a one way road sign (any language). 2. must be taken personally not off the WEB (copy right laws)”

”3. the picture quality must be 5,000,000-pixel (500)or higher either from digital camera or a DSLR camera.

4 the deadline is august 26th 2010

So, what are you waiting for? Help this trio in creating their album’s artwork, cause if you’re lucky enough, the group will mention your name in the album!

Start sending your pictures to onewayonesound@yahoo.com.

Source: onewaychance @Twitter
Written by: reindrops @kpoplive.com