[Twitter] Lee Min Ho thanks fans for the good deeds!

Actor Lee Min Ho thanked his fanclub for the presents through twitter.

On the 18th August, Lee Min Ho tweeted a message to his fans, “Hello to all Minoz ^^ I’ve heard that you have donated the books for charity. I am really touched. I looked up to all of you who think about doing great deeds all the time! Thank you ^^” and also a photo of himself, expressing his gratitude to the fans through his trademark smile.

Fans also left their replies, “I showed my motherly smile when I saw this photo” and complimenting him with “You look handsome!“.

It seems like using their idol’s name to raise fund donation is the latest trend among fans nowadays, all to gain more recognition from the public.

*Minoz = Lee Min Ho’s fans

S: TVdaily

credits: hellokpop

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