[Twitter] 100829 FT Island Hongki's Tweets with Super Junior Heechul!

skullhong 아오!!!내머리그렇게신경쓰이나 근데어쩌지??난이게좋은데 음..그럼의견을반반해서 좀바까야지

Translation: Aww!!! So my hair is causing worries but what should I do?? I like it though hmm.. So I should even the odds and change it

Heedictator 노노 니가 하고픈 머리로 밀고가~바꿔도 맘에 안든다는 사람은 또 생김~평생 끌려다니며 살래? 근데 내가 봐도 전머리가 나은듯..ㅋㅋ

Translation: No no, just do whichever hairstyle you want~ Even if you change it, there are bound to be people who dislike it again~ Are you going to be led by people like this forever? But after seeing it, I think your previous hair is better.. keke

skullhong 그게모예요 ㅋㅋ결국이거싫다는거자나요!!!

Translation: What’s that keke In the end, aren’t you saying that you don’t like it too!!!

Credits : skullhong@twitter , Heedictator@twitter
Sources : ying1005@withtreasures,wordpress.com