[TRANS] Big Bang's comment on Space Shower TV

Big Bang's comment on Space Shower TV

The good music is...be born where...live in where...
and even if we are in any kind of environment,
I think that anyone can sympathize. - SOL(Taeyang)

Anytime, as for any stages, I want to let "MUSIC" sound well to the maximum.
It's an effort is our strength. - D-LITE(Daesung)

When a debut was decided, I was still a student at 16 years old.
All of the time was fun. - V.I(Seungri)

A generation is divided after / before BIGBANG
We want to become the group becoming the standard. - T.O.P

These five members gathered and while living in the same dormitory...
What kind of music we want to do? What kind of method with do?
We collected each other's dream, and was born...BIGBANG - G-Dragon

Credit: Tisya@BigBang Updates