[News] Nickhun at Super Show 3

Is Nickhun at Super Show 3 tonight in Seoul?

On this very night, the first Super Show 3 is being held in Seoul. There has been sighting of SNSD, SHINee, F(x) and Changmin there to give their support as audiences(not guest performers). [Via CE Radio, @TVXQfacts and @13BelieveSG] One Way Chance is also there, as reported earlier. He has tweeted to Nickhun:

@Khunnie0624 haha khun where are you in here?

As well, but Nickhun has not replied.

But might it be that not only the SM Family is there, but other Kpop idols are there as well? Nickhun tweeted about an hour ago:
Super Junior Hyung!! Hwaiting today!!!=] kekekekeke [@Khunnie0624]
But who would have thought that he might be there? 20 minutes earlier, he tweeted:
Let the fun begin! Hwaiting! http://twitpic.com/2elwam kekekekekeke[@Khunnie0624]

But is he really there? Or was that a picture from someone else? If you can confirm that he's there, please give us a tip and we'll credit you! ( Either tweet @WeiTingForyou or send in a tip via the top right box on this page, please include your name and email if you wish to be credited, and your source if applicable!)


Nickhun is there! 1 hour earlier, Shindong tweeted a picture of Super Junior backstage at Super Show 3 with Nickhun! Check the picture out below!

(via @ShinsFriends)