[Pictures/me2day] Me2day update feat. Secret and Outsider

SECRET Hyo Seong


Original message:
컴백 첫주가 지났어요~ 여러분 Madonna 다들 보셨나요? 많이 사랑해주실지..떨려요~열심히준비한만큼담뿍사랑쥬세요~^^♥ 저희는또 다음무대를위해 연습을하러갑니당~ㅎ 시크릿, Madonna! 많이 사랑해주시기! 약속!!! ^^
In English:
First comeback has passed~ Everyone, did you listen to ‘Madonna’? Please show it a lot of love..*trembles*~ We’ve worked really hard in preparation so please support us~^^♥ And as for the next stage, we need to practice even more~ㅎ Secret, ‘Madonna’! Support us! Promise!!! ^^

Original message:
안뇽ㅋㅋ매니져오빠의 폰이부러워서 내꺼인척….폰없어도행복해…….라고말하고싶ㅋㅋ마더나 많은사랑부탁해요♥
In English:
Hiㅋㅋ I’m really envious of manager oppa’s phone….No phone and happy…….is what I want to sayㅋㅋ Give loads of love to ‘Madonna’ ♥



Original message:
늘 빛나는 사람. 눈 앞의 작은 만족보다 먼 곳을 바라보고 하루하루 성실히 노력하는 사람이 되겠습니다.
In English:
A person who’s always shining. He sees where he wants to go and day by day, he endeavors to get there.

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trans: AA_CHAN