[news] ZE:A's Dongjun, popular with transgender Thai

ZE:A's Dongjun is gaining tremendous popularity among Thais transgenders.

Dongjun said, "We've returned from promotion in Thailand. If I were to say the differences between Thais and Korean fans, there are many transgender fans there." "They are so pretty and very girlish. They called me 'Oppa', then they told me they are transgenders" he added, smiling.

On the other hand, he revealed "There is this Chinese fan boy, he sends me a frog as a present everyday." "Of course they are not living frogs but they are pens, spoons and other things, all frog-shaped. He sends it everyday", he conveyed. "Of course I'm thankful because he thinks of me, but receiving a frog everyday makes me curious what's the meaning behind those presents."

ZE:A is in the middle of promoting their song 'Bad talk sad' and 'Kkap Kwanghee' Hwang Kwanghee are topping the entertainment lists.

source: Sports Chosun; Credit: akucun@EC for translation