[News] 'You are beautiful' rates 6.7% in Japan

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Japanese 'You are Beautiful' DVD front cover

The popularity of Korean drama 'You are beautiful,' currently airing during day time on Japan's Fuji TV, is extraordinary.

While Korean drama 'You are beautiful' airs during day time on Fuji TV until the coming 10th, increasing viewer's rating is catching Korean netizens' attention.

Although "You are beautiful's' initial rating was low at 4%, as the words spread among Japanese female students who are trying Korean drama for the first time for summer vacation, the rating for the previous episode aired on the 2nd was confirmed to be 6.7%. This is a success considering that the rating for Iris, aired on TBS at 9 pm, was 6~7&.

'You are beautiful' Part 1 DVD were sold out on August 3rd at 11:30 am at the current internet market site 'Amazon Japan,' and rose to no. 8 on Tsutaya DVD Ranking.

The secret behind this popularity in Japan is that the Japanese female students find the recent Korean dramas to be different from image like 'Winter Sonata.' 'You are beautiful' is about a girl dressing up as a boy to join a popular flower boy band, and is seen as to match the feelings of Japanese youth.

Korean netizens who learned of this news are showing hot interests like "I think it's possible because the casts have looks that also appeals in Japan," "this is the sign of birth of new Korean wave star's," "the casts are going to get their hands on some Ens."

Credit: Asia Today + 1takeKK @ cnblue-sky (translations)