[News] Yoon Doojoon states, "Lee Kikwang's abs separated my destiny from becoming a MC"

It had been revealed that Yoon Doojoon, from the same group as Lee Kikwang, had first received offers as the new MC for the show ‘Win Win’.

In the episode of ‘Kim Seungwoo’s Win Win’ broadcasted on the 10th, it had been a special episode to celebrate the welcoming of the new MC Kim Sungsoo, Jung Jaeyong (DJ DOC), and Lee Kikwang (BEAST).

BEAST members visited the filming as the surprise guests for Lee Kikwang and they discussed the matters regarding Lee Kikwang as a new variety program MC. In particular, Yoon Doojoon stated, “I had no idea that Kikwang was going to get popular in variety shows,” showing his jealousy for Kikwang.

In addition MC Kim Seungwoo stated, “I believe that Yoon Doojoon met up with the staff for the show much before.” Then Yoon Doojoon confessed, “I have met up with the staff a few months back.”

When he asked about the reason why he thinks he didn’t make it as an MC, Yoon Doojoon laughed off the matter by stating, “Probably because I don’t have any abs.”

Meanwhile in the episode, Lee Kikwang showed tears while confessing his thankful heart to Yoon Doojoon, Yong Junhyung, and Yang Yoseob, who had been his backdancers when he was a solo artist AJ.

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