[News] Yoo Jae Suk 'CF model that tempts you to order chicken'

National MC Yoo JaeSuk was chosen for first place for a poll asking which CF model makes people want to order chicken.

Max Movie, the largest Korean movie ticket seller online, asked, "The model who makes you really want to order chicken after seeing their commercial?".

Yoo JaeSuk (Yes Yes Chicken) got first after receiving 2,027 votes, or 46%. 

SNSD (GupNae Chicken, 20.3%, 894 votes) was 2nd, followed by Super Junior (Gyochon Chicken, 7.7%, 338 votes), Shin SeKyung (BBQ, 7.8%, 344 votes), 2AM (BHC Chicken, 4.1%, 182 votes), Kim HyunJoong (Hot Sun Chicken, 3.9%, 172 votes), Kara (Fried Good Chicken, 2.3%, 103 votes), BEAST (BBQ, 2.0%, 89 votes), T-ara (Yes Yes Chicken, 1.7%, 73 votes), SHINee (Mexicana, 1.3%, 56 votes), Younha (Matdae Chicken, 1.0%, 46 votes), Hwang JungEum (Duria, 1.0%, 44 votes), Secret (Guous Chicken, 1.0%, 42 votes).

For the reason for picking Yoo JaeSuk, netizens commented, "He has a charm that draws people in", "When Yoo JaeSuk does a CF, it somehow gives it trust".

CREDITS:newsprime (SOURCE);ilovepocky@B2ST RISING (TRANS)