[NEWS] Why is U-Kiss starring in 'I Am Legend'?

How much importance will U-Kiss have in SBS drama 'I Am Legend'?

U-Kiss members Dongho (drums), Kevin (guitar), Soohyun (vocal), Kiseop (bass), Kibum (keyboard) will be starring as the idol group Kiss Band that is discovered by a music company manager Kang Sooin (Jang Shinyoung) in 'I Am Legend'. Kibum has already starred in the Thai drama 'The Horizon Under the Same Sun' alongside member Eli, but for the other members, this is their first time acting. Because of this, the interest in how much they will be appearing has been gathering.

A NH Media representative stated, "Their importance itself isn't big. The plan is to show a little bit of them playing in the latter half of the drama", "Because they won't be appearing a lot, the burden about acting isn't very big. However, to show the image of a rock band, they are practicing very hard with indie band Wiretap in My Ear". He continued, "The members are pulling through with a busy schedule with both preparations for their next album and the drama. They will be able to show everyone a good image".

U-Kiss is expecting to make a come back in September.

Source: Nate News + ilovepocky @ Rocketboxx.net