[News] Why Does Nam JiHyun Want To Do A Makeup Commercial?

4minute's Nam JiHyun expressed her greed for a makeup commercial. She surprisingly confessed, "Everyone in 4minute is a '90er. It would be nice if I had the opportunity to brag about my soft face."

On the broadcast of SBS's 'Bae KiWan Choi YoungAh Jo HyungKi's Good Morning' that was aired on June 13th, 4minute's greed for commercials was revealed. Among them, Nam JiHyun chose a makeup commercial.

At this, the members confessed that Nam JiHyun was a no-makeup beauty. Nan JiHyun said, "I ask for an opportunity to show it," and "Please give me many calls," as she gave a big laugh.

In the meantime, Heo GaYon chose a phone CF, Jeon JiYoon chose a car CF, Kim HyunAh chose a CF for pants, and Kwon SoHyun chose a home appliances CF, each with a meaning behind them.

Source: Newsen
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