[News] Why does Jinwoon know so much about girl group dorms?


2AM member Jung Jinwoon revealed a special connection he had to Son Dambi and Park Gahee.

On an episode of Strong Heart broadcast on the 24th, Jinwoon stated, "I know the exact structure of their old dorm. They dorm on the first floor and have a rehearsal room in the basement. Also a total of 5 rooms." 

Dambi and Gahee's old dorm is actually now the home of Jung Jinwoon's parents. "My family was looking around for a place to buy and discovered the house. They loved it a ot but the owner said that it's propitious site and refused to sell it. We had to reveal that I was a singer and finally bought it and found out that it was actually the home of Son Dambi and Park Gahee." 

Jinwoon went on to reveal, "Son Dambi's old room is being used by my hyung and grandmother. Park Gahee's room is the biggest so my mom uses it."

Park Gahee confessed, "The actual floor space is about 100 pyeong big." 

MC Kang Hodong jokingly teased, "So you're basically showing off that your house is large."


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