[News] Why Brian Stopped Contacting Eru?

Brian, former member of the duo Fly to the Sky, appeared on KBS 2TV's "Happy Together" on Thursday.
He said that due to his meticulous, sensitive personality, he once had to stop contacting close pal and singer Eru for two weeks.

In the celebrity quiz corner, Brian said he cannot stand the traces left by guests who visited his home.
He said his friends pull pranks on him just to test his personality.

He mentioned Eru left crumbs after snacking on his sofa one day. He had warned him to only eat in the kitchen but he left a stain on his white couch and Brian was mad.

He immediately texted him, "Never come to my place again," after which he called in professional cleaners to remove the stain.

Eru explained, "I felt sorry and I wanted to see with my eyes so I went back to his house. I finally found the stain, a tiny spot on a corner of the sofa, and I erased it with a method I researched beforehand."

Eru then texted Brian and apologized and told him he "took care of" the stain. But Brian was more enraged because he visited his place without permission.

Eru, hurt, didn't contact him for two weeks.

The MCs said such trivial bickering is reminiscent of a newlywed couple's fight and joked, "No wonder you two are rumored to be dating."

MC Park Myeong-su said, "If a couple hits a plateau in the relationship, you gotta have kids, that's the solution."

Other guests on the show included 2AM's Changmin, Lee Hyun of 8eight and Seo In-guk, winner of the singing contest Superstar K.

source: kbs
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