[News] What Happened to Supernova back then?

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The six member group, Supernova, debuted last 2007 but suddenly disappeared in 2008. This greatly aroused the curiosity of the fans.

The news about going to Japan was a surprise. They debuted in Japan and topped the Oricon Daily Singles Chart and released nine singles in Japan.

They emerged as a Japan’s representative for overseas events. The fans on various internet boards gave tons of applause and said. “You made a tremendous job!”

Meanwhile, what had really happened to Supernova?

They stopped their activities in Korea for three years and now they’re back. According to those in Japan, by mid 2008, they performed as a guest in SG Wanana Be’s concert.

We were invited as a guest for the concert. So the members got their new passport and went for a tour in Japan.

During those days, Supernova felt it was the worst day of their life. As they debuted, their song didn’t top the chart that led their team leader, Yoonhak, to resign.

As they stood their Japanese stage, there were quick compliments for the group, “Supernova is pretty okay.” And Supernova caught the attention of three local distributor, Universal Japan, Pony Canyon, Sony Music Japan.

It was destiny. From that moment, there was a member who speaks Japanese fluently. Members, Yoonhak never went to college in Japan, and Kwangsu learned Japanese for six months in the agency.

They debuted on September 9, 2009 with their debut singles, “Kimi Dake Wo Zutto and went straight up to 5 in Oricon singles. It was very memorable to the members.

The members bursts into tears after their Opening Handshake in Tokyo. Nearly 4,000 people went to see Supernova. Geonil also burst into tears during the event. “The culture and language are different, but we appreciated it. In South Korea, there’s no chance for us to be recognized. We really cried because of happiness.

Supernova became successful since then. From famous Japanese character, Hello Kitty as the goodwill ambassador, and world-class chocolate makers, Godiva, they had been appointed as the New Public Relations Model. They were also the UN representative for Japan as a singer, held in Hawaii. NHK also received requests for interviews and at that moment, all members agreed. The local concert tickets were also in auction soared up to 400,000 YEN.

After three years of leaving Korea, Supernova released their mini album, “Time to Shine.” They also resumed their activities in Korea. They also showed matured stage performance.

Seeing body guards in the airport of Korea and Japan are still quite different. The success in Korea and in Japan as well, we hope will be continuous. It’s Supernova in Korea, it’s Time to Shine.

credit: Sports Khan

translated by: snowflakes065 @ Supernova Philippines

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