[News] Victoria continues to expose her jealous side for Nichkhun

On a recent broadcast of We Got Married, Victoria decided to prepare handmade chocolates for her on screen husband’s first birthday that they would be sharing together since their marriage. With a indecisive choice of what should be on the birthday menu, she decided to surf the Internet to come up with some ideas. Whilst doing so, curiosity got the better of her and she decided to watch some of Nickhun’s videos.
As she browsed she came across  a video of Nickhun and fellow SM family member Yuri acting as a couple for a CF. Victoria pursed her lips together, revealing a slight hint of jealousy. However, that all changed once she saw a video of her husband copying one of the dances from an f(x) song.  Upon seeing the video, Victoria gained a heart warming smile on her face.
In the end she decided to make rice, seaweed soup, salad, fried vegetables, mapa tofu, pork belly, chicken wings, seafood pancake, pumpkin, and curry for Nickhun’s birthday meal, which was a surprise to everyone.
Source: Newsen
Translation: spiceshoe@iheartfx.com
Written By: Jejjmin@Kpoplive