[News] U-Kiss members burst into tears in last episode of Chef's Kiss

U-KISS members cried hard during the last recording of SBS E!TV real food variety show "Chef’s Kiss".

U-KISS had finally finished the recording of "Chef's Kiss" on last July 29th. Kibum, who was known as the mood maker in the team, cried hard when he sincerely thanked the staffs. The other members also cried a lot. Their guidance chef, Chef Sam Kim and MC Ahn Seon Young expressed their regrets, "Your cooking skills will improve as time goes by. Up until now, among idols out there, you guys are the most sincere."

The day of the last recording fell on Alexander's birthday, so they prepared a hidden camera for him.

Meanwhile, the total profit from the food sold will be donated to one middle school in Seoul. It will be used to buy food for those youths who can't afford to buy meals.

The last episode of "Chef's Kiss" will be aired on August 13th.

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