[NEWS] U-Kiss' Eli Cries?

Member of the international idol group U-KISS, Eli, cried during a broadcast of the show.

In the latest episode of SBS E!TV real food variety "Chef's Kiss", U-KISS members were shown preparing for their last cooking battle.

Initially, Eli was trying to make a phone call to his father who lives in America, for researching purposes ahead of the last cooking battle. Even though there are 13 hours time difference between Korea and America and it was early morning over there, Eli's father answered his son's phone call and shared his own recipe in order to encourage his son for the battle, showing his love for Eli.

And Eli, who is in charge of charisma in U-KISS, felt very grateful to his father and was spotted in tears while sending a video message to his father who lives overseas, making the studio felt melancholy.

Meanwhile, prior to revealing the ingredient for the last battle, the members went to the restaurant where the filming of drama 'Pasta' was held before. Chef Kim who prepared the food for the members hoped that they would reminisce the past while enjoying the food.

However, as soon as the food came out, U-KISS members cleared out the food really fast, which left Chef Sam Kim astonished.

Also in this episode, ahead of the last battle, the members who prepared the ingredients from the first until the last battle, they were expected to show the fruits of their hard work for the past 3 months, in order to reborn as a real cook.

The 11th episode will be aired on August 6th at 12 o' clock.

Credit: mdtoday (Source) + Newsen (Source) + king_kong (Eng trans) + jaymie501@ROCKETBOXX.NET (Eng trans) + micsummer@ROCKETBOXX.NET (Editor)