[News] Tiramisu's Lady Jane to debut and to cast in SBS FM Kim Heechul’s Young Street

Lady Jane, girlfriend of Simon D from Supreme Team and member of indie group Tiramisu, is set to release her digital single Yes, Sir! Captain on August 4th.

Lady Jane’s manager stated:

“The single album will be her greeting to the audience. Near the end of August or the beginning of September, she will officially commence broadcast activities once her mini-album releases.”

Lady Jane also commented on her upcoming debut:

“Instead of being recognized as Simon D’s girlfriend, I want people to know me as a member of Tiramisu. From my previous experiences through underground activities, I will show a newer and better side of me.”

The upcoming solo artist was part of an indie group called Tiramisu.

Lady Jane will also become a permanent cast member on the radio show SBS FM Kim Heechul’s Young Street, which airs every Monday.

credits: emily@hellokpop