[News] Teen Top L.Joe filming Mnet Scandal

Scandal's writer tweeted a photo of L.Joe filming for Scandal
I wonder will there be any criticisms when an underage films this?
Did their company think through this carefully?
This programme is not as innocent like , it's an imaginary relationship, of confessions, and promises.
Until now the female lead looks like she's also a high-school student.
Since filming is already decided, then (I) hope it will be successful, shows another side of L.Joe and leaving deeper impression on everyone.
Also hoping it will not get criticisms after broadcast.

t/n: all of the contents taken from a korean blog, translator only translated important parts which everyone is also worried about. aka: L.Joe having a "girlfriend".

Source: some Korean fan's blog
korean to chinese translation: 山米@Garlic Jumper
chinese to english translation: graciie@6tot
chinese translation source: http://garlicjumper.pixnet.net/blog

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