[News] Talking about Core Contents Media Representative

A representative from CCM (Core Content Media) Entertainment called Kim Kwangsu (49) is known as "The Hand of Midas of Entertainment World".

We could see his impact through stars these days. Lee Hyori, SG Wannabe, T-ara, Cho Sinsung, FT Island, CN Blue, Davichi, Yangpha, Hwang JungEum, Lee BumSoo, Han Eunjung, etc. He started his career by being a manager before he owns his own company. He's known as a legendary in entertainment. Those who knows him are people who works with full enthusiasm and excellent sense, and succeed in that area. So what kind of person he is, in T-ara's eyes? Since T-ara is part of CCM (Core Content Media) and one of the group that he's taking care of. So how "The Hand of Midas of Entertainment World" took care of his management.

▶Soyeon= Our president enjoys his work. Even if we know how tired he is, we could see that he enjoys it. And he always checks all the staffs works. He styles our member and gave opinion to our songs. He writes lyric, and looks carefully to the scenario. He also never forget to visit the trainees' practice room. Everyday without missing. He never had a vacation since our manager works for him, for about 30 years. He's not a person.

▶Hyomin= Working is a lifestyle. He works since he open his eyes in the morning and till he close his eyes to sleep. He's not even sleeping. If we calculate his sleeping time, we just can't get it. He always watches us practicing until dawn, and also watches all the juniors practicing. And in the morning, he will sit in his chair to work. So I think that's why he haven't marry yet.

▶Soyeon= In the 5-story building, the top floor is his house. 1st floor is the office, and the underground part is the practice room. In his living space, we could see staffs, singers, and works. That's why his work is part of his lifestyle. He has nothing but work in his life. After we get along with him, he's like our father, but also like or friend. If he's feeling down he will drink and complains to us. It's so human.

▶Qri= His senses is also different. 'Bo peep Bo peep' was actually a song with a sexy concept. That's why we filmed the MV like that. But before the first broadcast, they told us to use the cat property. Suddenly we turn into a cute and adorable concept. We were surprised, but eventually his judgment was right. The song and choreography become a hit. After that we just know that he (the boss) actually ordered it at an internet shopping mall.

▶Boram = He's careful in many ways. I received so many complaints from him regarding my style. He said that an entertainer has to change constantly, so please decorate it. Usually when I come out from our practice room, I only wear ripped sport pants and tied my hair like a male student. One day suddenly he said, "If you're not going to change your hairstyle in 2 weeks, I won't stay quiet." So I changed it.

▶Hyomin= But I think he sees us T-ara as a staff. When Eunjung filmed her drama, she has someone else as her stylist. But then he told me to do the styling. That's why I even went to DongDaeMoon after my schedules to mix-match clothes, then back to office. Qri-onni is in charge of newspaper articles and scrap. Because she's good with drawing.

▶Boram= I didn't have any schedules that day, but I have things to do from 2PM until 12AM in the practice room.

▶Eunjung= That's right. When we have time, we wanna study or buy pretty things, but we just can't. Please give us some time, a day or less. And some emergency calls too. A friend is filming drama until dawn, another one is sleeping, another one is going to their next schedule, but suddenly he called. We were really nervous when we gathered in the practice room. He said, "Did you guys lose some fat?" It's really shocking. He's someone who will tell us face-to-face if he wanna say something. 

▶Soyeon= The trainees deserved all those works but we're not. If we talk about it to another girl groups, they just can't understand it too. But we're really proud of our president in many times. We heard that he jumped from manager position to president position in a very short time. He really worked hard. He works all night long and studying too. If we meet some seniors (in music industries) they will say this first, "Are you guys Kwangsu's children?" We heard a lot that our president is a full of passionate person.

Source: Nate News
Translation: dianapetrina@diadem