[News] T-ara's power, attracts more viewers for 'Death Bell 2'

This year's most anticipated horror movie, 'Death Bell 2' has just recently been released. As if the popularity of it's predecessor was not enough, the star-studded cast added on to the hype.

Popular idol Jiyeon of T-ara has been casted as one of the main cast, along with popular actors Hwang Jung Eum and Yoon Si Yoon. T-ara, who's members are all busy with their own solo activities, took a time-out off of their already busy schedule, to help promote the movie. The response from the viewers were explosive.

'Death Bell 2' started nation-wide screening on July 29th. The opening sales for the movie was unbelievable. On the opening day, the movie gathered 50,000 viewers. 97% of the movie theaters were sold out. As of yesterday, August 4, the movie has already gathered around 700,000 viewers. With this success, 'Death Bell 2' breaks the record for the fastest-selling horror movie in South Korea.**

T-ara who has agreed to promote the movie, appeared in selected movie theaters to help boost the movie's popularity. It seems their fans went out of their way just to see the movie and T-ara themselves. T-ara held a special fan-meet on the opening day, giving out their repackaged album with signatures.

A representative for Core Contents Media said in an interview, "T-ara's popularity definitely helped with the promotion of this movie. Although they were not in the final cut of the movie, the fans were still excited when they found out that T-ara will be in the cinemas"

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** = The articles I searched showed no info about which movie held the previous record. I tried daum-ing it but no turn out.

Source : Newsen
Translation : *YANiPOPO @ Tiaradiadem.com