[News] Super Junior Kim Heechul filming for 'Youth Melody' with Zhoumi in China

[Sport Chosun T-News Reporter Baek Ji Eun]

Super Junior Kim Heechul filming for CCTV Drama 'Youth Melody' with Zhoumi in China.

Kim Heechul went to China at the end of this July and did the filming in a rush. His flight was delayed for 2 hours and yet there were still many fans crowded at the aiport just to welcome Kim Heechul's arrival. Because Kim Heechul did not have the chance to greet back his fans at the airport, he gave a friendly greeting in front of his hotel and even took pictures together and so on, giving a fan service.

Kim Heechul will play the role as a 24 years old university student who is enganged in a love quarrel with 2nd generation chaebol* Zhoumi and will show off his improved acting.

Meanwhile Super Junior has ended their activities and they will hold their 3rd Asia Tour "Super Show 3" on August 14 and 15 at Seoul Olympic Stadium.
* Chaebol is conglomerate

translated by ☆★pinkninja@sj-world.net