[News] SS501’s Suspended Activities Resemble TVXQ?

It hasn’t been long since news broke out about the SS501 members deciding to leave their entertainment company DSP and starting a search for a new one due to the end of their 5 year contract. SS501’s activities are currently being suspended due to this factor, however, last April they carried out a event in Japan’s Saitama Arena and they will be releasing a DVD of the event shortly. The pre-order started on the 30th of July and it was known that sales had come close to 10,000! After releasing the DVD various compilation albums of top hits and unreleased songs shall be set on sale as scheduled.

Many people are comparing this strategy to that of TVXQ who had recently parted ways. TVXQ released DVDs and albums in Japan which gained a lot of popularity. After a few discographies were released in Japan, it became known that they were disbanding for the time being and this was their final activity. With SS501’s current moves of releasing these items, many are speculating whether or not this will be the group’s last ‘group activity’.

However DSP have expressed that “SS501 has a very strong linger/affection for SS501. No matter what, they are looking for opportunities to resume activities as SS501 again.”

Member Kim HyungJun, who recently celebrated his birthday with his fans, has also revealed his will to continue guarding by SS501 through his self-penned letter to fans.

By the looks of things SS501 are looking to stay together despite the ongoing rumors. Keep checking KPOPLIVE for more updates concerning the groups future!

Translation:Ode@blogspot + rainaftershine@wordpress.com + Quainte
Written by:Jejjmin@KPOPLIVE

No matter what we will still support them right?