[News] SNSD Taeyeon, Super Junior Sungmin fall in love with "Ice Ballet"

On August 5th “Ice Ballet’s” first repertory “Cinderella” shows various characters like a kitchen fairy, a fairy of four seasons ect who appear by showing their skating skills as well as their breath-taking ballet movements. An audience member says after watching it “(It’s like) watching Kim YuNa’s (ice) show and ice ballet. It is a first. At the first jump the dancing and the choreography was too pretty. I want to show this to other relatives.” Another audience member says “Watching my favorite fairy tale Cinderella (like this) was very unique and good.” The kids and even the adults send their applause to the fantastic stage.

Not only that, the country’s best idol star Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, Super Junior’s Sungmin, f(x)’s Victoria, Sulli, Luna all came to watch “Ice Ballet”. You could also see them enjoying it.

Coming out from watching it ,Taeyeon said “Ice Ballerina’s genre is (my) first time seeing it, (watching it) was very fun.[/indent]

And Sungmin said “The delicate movements while staking was fun (to watch). Today I watched “Cinderella”, but I’m also curious about “Princess of sleeping in the woods” I want to watch it” he said.

On the other hand, “2010 Ice Ballet” is after “Cinderella” on August 10th and 11th at the Art’s Centre theatre. At the Opera theatre “Princess of sleeping in the woods” will be staged.

Credits Arts News Korea, sj-market
Translated by julzzzz@sj-world.net