[News] SHINee’s Onew Confesses His Ideal Type is After School’s Jungah

Shinee’s Onew has pointed out After School’s Jungah as his ideal type.

During KBS Cool FM 89.1 ‘Lee Sooyoung’s Music show-ripple show idol’ broadcasted on August 21st, Onew revealed his honest thoughts on his ideal type.

Usually without saying anything specific about his ideal type, but with a consistent ambiguous answer of ‘SNSD’s Yoona from the makeup CF’, ‘Voice and girls with pretty hands’. However, Onew has stirred admiration today after choosing After School’s Jungah.

Followed by DJ Lee Sooyoung’s continuing questions, Onew said “Without knowing her exact age, I only know that she is a nuna.”

But DJ Lee Sooyoung who usually originally liked Onew, acted upset by the fact that she was not Onew’s ideal type which shocked him. At this, Onew said Lee Sooyoung’s voice was his ideal type with a distinctive killer smile and fixed up the awkward situation.

Credit : newsen (Source) + ✰sheilaananta@AfterSchoolPlay (Translator) + CindysSoul@AfterSchoolPlay (Editor)