[News] The reason why BoA will not be appearing on variety shows

Coming back to the Kpop scene after 5 years, singer BoA will not be appearing on variety shows.
BoA said in a recent interview, “There are no plans for appearance on variety shows. Fans do not want it too. The reason is because I don’t have the confidence to give laughter if I appear on variety shows.”
SBS Strong Heart PD also talked about this through Twitter, “I met her as a reporter. Honestly she has no plans to appear on variety show with the fear that she will not do well.”
BoA said, “The BoA that the masses want is not the BoA on variety shows but the BoA who presents a good performance. It is priority that I work on showing good performances.”
BoA ended with, “Instead of doing variety, I will work hard on Twitter. I will communicate with fans through Twitter.”