[News] The Reason Why 4minute Stands Out In Japan

4minute is heating up in Japan.

4minute debuted with 'I My Me Mine' in Japan. The funny thing is that while Kara and Girls' Generation are also receiving storm-like popularity from male fans, 4minute is also receiving full support from female fans too, which officially classifies them as a special group. While Japanese girl groups like Speed, AKB48, Morning Musume, etc. are attacking male fans with their cute and loveable music, 4minute is displaying magnificent femininity and confidence through their music, along with their powerful performances. It is definite that 4minute is the leader of Japanese popularity.

At this, 4minute' s company CUBE Entertainment explained, "Because Japanese males are authoritative, females are overpowered. However, with 4minute, you can feel their vicarious pleasure and their firm confidence."

4minute is expected to set a spur with their Japanese activities for 'I My Me Mine.'

Source: Sports Chosun
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