[News] Rain's dark moments in his career

Life is indeed like a wheel that can be at the top or below anytime. For World Star, Rain, it seems that currently he is having his down moments in his career path.

Even when dating rumors between him and Jun JiHyun were still floating around, he got involved in another accusation of ‘eating and running’ after selling J. Tune Entertainment Shares. Another bad luck moment for Rain was his humiliation as a designer after his clothing brand line, 6 to 5 was removed from shopping malls.

Back in 2008 during the brand launching, Rain promised $10,000,000 in sales. Unfortunately, after 2 years, the brand had to be shut down. Currently, 6 to 5’s internet site is having a ‘dumping sale’, selling clothes with discounts from 70% to 90% from the original price.

Aside from the controversy of 6 to 5 investors suing Rain for the loss, it was revealed that Rain actually did not participate in the designing process of the clothes that lead to a failure for foreign sales.

Rain who is currently filming for the upcoming KBS 2TV drama, Fugitive in a foreign country, claimed that he could not return to Korea for time being. Especially when he received a call for army enlistment for September 28th, he then claimed that he could not renew his passport. The series of incidents caused netizens to have unpleasant perceptions towards him.

Therefore many are wondering whether his upcoming drama will be able to redeem Rain’s current scratched image or not.

Hopefully Rain will continue to be patient and strong in facing all the current difficulties and finally sees the ‘bright sun’ in his career again. Never give up, Rain!

Source: Lee Ji young @news.nate.com
Translation: ch0sshi @kpoplive.com
Written by: rose1363@kpolive.com

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