[NEWS] Rain fails to convince netizens about his height with recent photo revealed

Despite a recent photo released to clarify previous height criticisms, it seems that singer Rain fails to convince netizens.

A photo was posted up on a portal site on 3rd August under a post titled ’2 photos of Rain and Lee JungJin in China, fishy~”. In the photo, the 2 guys were seen standing side by side and their height had seemed similar.

The recent criticisms started when a photo featuring Rain and Lee JungJin standing by the road in Japan was released last month and in the photo, Rain had appeared shorter than Lee JungJin even though his height is stated as 185cm in his profile, while for Lee JungJin, his height is stated as 183cm in his profile.

Netizens commented on the most recent photo, “But still, Lee JungJin is taller”, “I don’t care who is taller. Rain is not short anyway”, “Rain is standing upright and at a higher place”, “Please take a photo where you guys are standing without the shoes on” etc.

S:Asiae + KBites