[News] Orange Caramel's Press Conference in Taiwan

Orange Caramel Press Conference in Taiwan
Cameraman: 張惠冠
Popular Korean girl group After School, (some mention about their admission and graduation concept), developed the sub-unit Orange Caramel consisting of members Raina, Nana and Lizzy. (Some random corny sentence that means something along the lines of "let's explore the path of cuteness")

Part 1: Entrance

Part 2: Upper level for fans, ground level for media. Performance of Magic Girl

Part 3: Fans go into state of complete frency. Group leader, Raina introduces Orange Caramel

Part 4: Performance of The Day You Went Away (Chinese Cover)

Part 5: 棒棒堂 (Lollipop. Taiwanese boy group, apparently) goes up on stage and expresses feelings over meeting OC. Introduce stuff (I think) etc.

Part 6: Continuation of Part 5 + Lollipop gives flowers to the girls

Part 7: OC expresses feelings over meeting Lollipop. Talks about their plan and schedule

Part 8: Interview by media (I think they had problems with their mic)

Source: nagootv
Original article here: http://nagoo.info/tv/?p=456
Translated by: d3sp4ir
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