[News] Move aside, beastly men! Lee KiKwang…the age of 'Flower Beasts'

It is not the flower boys or the beasts' age anymore. It is the age of the 'flower beasts'.

The 'flower boys', who made women want to protect them with their feminine looks, and the 'beastly men', who captured the industry with their wild charm, have both gone. Instead, the 'flower beasts', who are both beautiful and powerful, have come.

Lee KiKwang - with a child-like smile and a hidden beastly body

Idol group BEAST's Lee KiKwang has captured the hearts of women fans with his white skin and cute eyes that become moon-shaped with a smile. 

Thanks to his 'flower boy' looks, he was cast in a supporting role on the MBC sitcom 'High Kick Through the Roof' as a rookie and made his face known as the innocent student Kang Saeho who liked Shin SaeKyung.

Afterwards, he promoted with BEAST and began showing his masculine side. He is also active in MBC's 'Hot Brothers', where he has upped his variety skills and brought out his charm. 

20-year-old Lee KiKwang made everyone surprised and impressed by having a hard-muscled body, opposite from his boyish and young face.

 CREDITS:star (SOURCE); ilovepocky@B2ST RISING (TRANS)