[News] miss A Min clarifies, “I have no special relationship with Yoon DooJoon”

Rookie girlgroup miss A member Min expains her relationship with BEAST Yoon DooJoon.

Min was recently on SBS PowerFM ‘Park SoHyun’s Love Game’ and she talked about her thank-you speech after winning #1 on SBS Inkigayo recently.

After winning the Mutizen, Min was seen in tears and she said, “Thank you Park JinYoung. And also thank you, Yoon DooJoon. Omo, I mentioned Yoon DooJoon, what’s wrong with me.” After the incident, netizens commented, “Does she have some special relationship with Yoon DooJoon?”

Min spoke up about that, “It is a misunderstanding. There is this Doo HyunSoo department head in our company. And I somehow always get his name and Yoon DooJoon’s name confused. And during the thank-you speech, I was so flustered and I got the names wrong again. I really do not have any special relationship with Yoon DooJoon, I wanted to thank our department head.”

DJ Park SoHyun said, “I see.. Yoon DooJoon was quite troubled about what he had done to you that you had thanked him during your thank-you speech.”

The radio show will air on 13th August at 7pm.

Translated by Sookyeong @ Kbites