[News] Miss A's Suzy and Jia's fresh faces and professionalism impresses netizens

Miss A member's Suzy and Jia has been attracting a lot of attention from netizens due to their fresh faces and professionalism at a recent radio show.

Recently at SBS Radio Power Time, they were guests and impressed the fans with their charisma with their witty remarks and their jokes as well. Also, they went to the radio show with fresh faces and the photo's they took together was released on the show's bulletin board.

Miss A members have been impressing fans with their no-make up faces, showing their cute side off stage with their fresh and charming faces.

Netizens who saw the pictures commented, "It just proves that they have beautiful skins,' "their skins are so pretty despite the summer heat", "Miss A's fresh faces are the best!"

Meanwhile, Miss A's debut song "bad girl good girl" has been receiving a lot of recognition from the public.