[News] Mir Replies, "It could be like that" to the Rude Comments About the Kiss with Go Eun Ah

MBLAQ member Mir revealed that he has replied a comment to a news about himself. 

Mir appeared on the [July] 30th episode of cable channel MBC Every1 "Infinity Girls," and confessed, "It was so unjust that there was a lot of news that I had to comment on."

Recently, Mir has been suffering from the rude comments on his statement about his ideal-type, and the kiss between his sister actress Go Eun Ah has become a controversy. To this, he confided, "I commented, 'It'suffocating just by looking at these comments. I am a close hyung, and isn't it this possible between families?'"

Earlier, Mir met Go Eun Ah, who was on a date with non-celebrity Son Seung Jae, shooting an episode of cable channel Mnet "Scandal," and the siblings expressed affection that was a bit over-the-top for brothers and sisters, making the viewers complain. At the time, Go Eun Ah tightly hugged Mir so that he couldn't move, and kissed him on the lips.

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