[News] MBLAQ's filming in 'Seoul University' gets cancelled

It has been confirmed that the Mnet reality program "Kim Sooro's Special Class in an Elite University" has been canceled due to the protest of the students against the idol group MBLAQ entering Seoul University.

On the 20th, the office for the life sciences department of Seoul University had commented, "MBLAQ won't be filming. We have no idea what they are going to do about the part they had already filmed."

On the same day, a person associated to the planning department of Seoul University stated, "If the whole school systems is going to be broadcasted, then it important to get an approval from the planning division. However, if it is going to be but a short interview or investigation, the approval can be given with discretion, and we believe that the life sciences department has given the approval regarding the filming with MBLAQ."

The associate added, "But, if the school systems is broadcasted, not just the life sciences department, and this becomes an inconvenience to the students, then there are other official methods of the broadcasting team to officially request to the school and try to fix the situation."

In addition the associate mentioned, "This was my first time hearing that the department won't be participating in the filming, but if they decided not to film, it is because of a decision made in that department as well."

The controversy behind MBLAQ entering Seoul University started from the end of July when the Seoul University community 'SnuLife' and other blog stated to post comments like, "MBLAQ was filming at Seoul University" and others like, "I saw MBLAQ looking at the bus route to Seoul University near the entrance to Seoul Station."

Also it had been revealed that "Kim Sooro's Special Class in an Elite University" has been the 4th in the series by Mnet to send stars to college. In the past Mnet has released, 'Kaist of Seo Inyoung', 'Dr. Mong goes to medical school', and 'Introduction to Veterinary with fresh Nicole'. Especially for Nicole, it had been released that she had failed the test to go a department in Seoul University.

However when this fact was released, with the Seoul University internet community 'Snulife' as the center, the critics from the students at Seoul University had begun. The comments weren't centered on "I hate MBLAQ," but it was rather centered on the problem regarding a clash of the different opinions for other students.

In reality, some students started to protest in order to stop the filming when many of the staff and cameras came because they believed that it was going to bother the students studying.

Meanwhile the five members of MBLAQ who were going to be on "Kim Sooro's Special Class in an Elite University," took design classes in the style department of Seoul University and had even started to prepare for the fashion show for the clothing department in second semester.

It has been know that the producers of the program had failed before in trying to recruit Seoul University for filming, but they were finally able to get an approval in the life sciences department.

T/N: Life sciences doesn't refer to a science class, but a class more towards the life studies

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