[News] Lee Seunghwan is a Jaebum look alike?

Singer Lee Seunghwan revealed a story related to his 10th album jacket picture.

On an episode of KBS 2TV's 'Entertainment Relay' aired on the 30th, our reporter met with Lee Seunghwan at the scene of his concert for an interview.

When the reporter commented, "Your 10th album jacket picture is very unique." Lee Seunghwan explained, "I thought a rock song would be my title track so I tried to take a very strong picture. A lot of people say I look like Jaebum. However, people that look at it objectively told me I look like Wang Biho."

This year marks the 21st anniversary since Lee Seunghwan's debut. He left a message stating, "I want to be a senior that receives support from his seniors musically. I hope to be able to show a fun performance without any disappointments for the people attending my concert."