[NEWS] Kwon & Jinwoon to debut this winter as 'Femme by Hitman Bang'

"We are Femme! Set to debut this winter!"

A 'Femme' jacket picture has grabbed the attention of netizens. Recently, on an internet community site, a netizen uploaded a picture of 2AM's Jo Kwon and Jinwoon dressed as girls under the title 'Femme by Hitman Bang,' a parody of group 2AM Changmin and 8eight Lee Hyun's 'Homme by Hitman Bang.'

The picture gives a brief preview of Bang Shihyuk's latest female duet, Femme, set to debut in the winter. In reality, it is a fake 'Femme' group created by 2AM fans.

Netizens left comments such as, "Jo Kwon-Jinwoon are too pretty! I can believe them to be girls," "Whoever made this has the best sense!" "What if they really debut? It's too funny."

Producer Bang Shihyuk saw the 'Femme' parody and commented on his Twitter, "I will finally be revealing Femme's newest song, 'I Was Able to Kkap Well.'"