[News] Kara's JiYoung spotted wearing sexy style of fashion at the airport

Kara's Makne Ji Young has been spotted recently at the airport sporting the "airport fashion".

At an internet portal, A photo of JiYoung at the airport departing for Japan has been uploaded.

Jiyoung was seen wearing a see through top showing her bra and wearing denim shots showing a little mature style. JiYoung is only 17 years old (korean age) and is still in high school, although she was able to pull off the sexier style.

Netizens commented, "She looks naturally sexy with plain clothes", "Her outfit is basically the same as her stage outfits", "She looks beautiful with no make up on" showing enthusiasm on Jiyoung's recent style, however, there were netizens who commented, "This seems inappropriate for a 17 year old young girl".

There are mixed reactions on Kara's maknae with a slightly sexier and mature style. However, KARA are busy promoting in Japan.