[News] KARA Nicole reveals, “My Korean name is Jung YongJoo”

KARA Nicole reveals her Korean name.

Nicole was on SBS Good Sunday – Hero Girls aired on 1st August when she revealed, “My Korean name is Jung YongJoo.”

And when asked about the meaning of her Korean name, Nicole explained, “The cintamani of the dragon.” which had the other members laughing.

Other than Nicole, the other members also revealed their real name. Jung GaEun is Baek SeongHyang, Hong SooAh is Hong GeunYeong. Hong SooAh said, “Last time, my manager oppa had a dream. He was walking on a street and a grandfather kept saying ‘SooAh SooAh’. And after I changed my name to SooAh, I get to do many endorsements.”

Yoon InNa also said, “My name is my real name. And my siblings name is Yoon AhnNa.”

Source: MTStarnews
Translated by Sookyeong @ KBites