[NEWS] Jessica & Krystal Ranked #1 Siblings

According to I Bite’s Magazine ‘Freaky Chart’ Aug 1 – 15 Issue with the topic Gorgeously Marvelous Siblings in the Perfect Family, Jessica and Krystal are ranked as the #1 siblings.

There are many siblings in Korean entertainment nowadays together making profits and being famous. Some of the siblings look very close together and you could see them together everywhere but some of them work so separately that if they didn’t state that they are siblings, you would never know. Now Let’s see the hottest siblings in our chart:

1. Jessica (SNSD) and Krystal F(x)
2. Sandara (2NE1) and Thunder (Mblaq)
3. Xiah Junsu (TVXQ) and Zuno (Junho)
4. Hyungjoon (SS501) and Kibum (U-Kiss)
5. Mir (Mblaq) and Ko Eun-a

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