[News] Jay's fan meeting company explains the costs behind the ticket prices

With 2PM's former member Park Jaebum being criticized for overpricing his fan meeting tickets, the company in charge of handling his fan meeting has revealed a reason for the prices.

Omitted summary of complaints.

The company spoke with OSEN on the 10th and stated, "You can consider this fan meeting as a concert with international artists. B-boy team AOM and others will be flying in from overseas so there's expenses to be taken care of such as flights, lodging, and other formalities. The guarantee payment that Park Jaebum's foreign management company must make is also quite expensive. The performance time is also similar to the concert times of international artists when performing in Korea. Around an hour and 30 minutes."

Park Jaebum will be holding a 'conversation time' with his fans along with performances by team AOM at the fan meeting.

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