[News] Jay wants to remain close with 2PM, some members forget him already?

Jaebum remained consistently silent regarding his reasons for withdrawing from 2PM.

Park Jaebum confessed his feelings on KBS 2TV's 'Entertainment Relay' broadcast on the 7th.

Regarding uploading his videos in the internet, he stated, "My fans missed me but I wasn't in a situation where I could go and visit them so I thought the best option would be to upload videos on the internet. I didn't have any intentions of making a comeback at that time, though."

When asked about the reactions from his family when he first left for America, he replied, "They said that everything was okay but I could tell from their face expressions that they were disappointed."

Regarding his withdrawal from 2PM, Jaebum avoided responding by stating, "I wrote a message before I returned to Korea."

When asked why he felt that he had to leave for America, he replied, "I didn't want to bring harm onto others. I thought that it was the best option."

He went on to state, "I don't contact anyone and haven't since I've arrived in Korea. If I were to meet the 2PM members in performances and broadcast halls, I'd greet them warmly. I have intentions of remaining close."

On the other hand, Jaebum has revealed that he will be doing his best no matter and will attempt to correct his wrong in whatever way possible.

At this point in the interview, the mood is easygoing; the band has finally warmed up. But it doesn’t last long. The vibe in the room quickly and predictably turns icy, awkward and tense as I ask the final (and most important) question of the night: Do you guys still have contact with Jay Park?

“Who?” Wooyoung asks in Korean.

Park Jae Bum, I reply in a Korean accent.

“Ah…” they collectively croon.

Then, deafening silence.

“Mmm … no,” says Taecyeon.

But as if trained, the ever-diplomatic Nichkhun has a perfect answer for everything: “No, [Jay] doesn’t [contact us],” he says politely. “He’s doing his own thing, and we’re doing our own thing. I guess he’s really busy.”

I then ask: But now that he’s in Korea, aren’t you going to hang out with him?

“I highly doubt it,” interjects Taecyeon. “We’re too busy.”


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