[News] Japanese's interest in SNSD grows

25th August, 8.30pm, at Ariake Colosseum, as soon as the last of the 3 showcases by SNSD had finished, they were reported as the 'Top news' on NHK News watch at 9pm (The main news of NHK in Japan).

The reason that they made the top news was because of all the Japanese fans, especially in the 10s and 20s, lined up to see SNSD's first show case in Japan.

Following morning, the hype continued on. On a morning Japanese programme, which provides information about society, politics, celebrities etc, and other celebrity programmes focussed on SNSD. They said that "Number 1 group in Korea, performed for the first time in Japan. Including their additional performance, they performed 3 times in total in front of 22,000 fans.

If that hadn't been enough, the press in Japan had also wrote articles on SNSD. 'Yori woori' newspaper reported "Top idol group SNSD, who was placed number 1 for 9 weeks in Korea 2009, had debuted in Japan". Another press reported that "When Asia's top 9 membered Kpop group performed in Japan, all the teens were shouting "Cuuute!" and "Kkkkaaaa!" from start to finish.

SNSD is also planning to have a fan meeting on the 27th.

Source : newsen

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The netizens who went to the show case commented "Members are so cute when speaking Japanese!" and "How can SeoHyun speak Japanese so beautifully?!"

Other said that SNSD has already surpassed AKB48 (Famous Japanese Girl group). They commented "There is no one prettier than YoonA", "Watching them singing is so cute!", "They haven't debuted yet but 22,000 fans already shows how popular they are!"

Because of this, many Japanese netizens who have never heard of SNSD have come to ask "Who is SNSD?" and "Why are they so popular? Tell us!"

Source : donga