[NEWS] 'Invincible Youth' Love Burns Horror? 'Risky Skinship'

Love's pounding is found in an extreme horror situation?

In the past airing of KBS 2TV's 'Invincible Youth' on the 13th they aired 'Farming's God' a cooling horror special to match the summer. In a gathering of G7 (Narsha, Kim Sori, Victoria, Jooyeon, Hyomin, Han Sunhwa, Goo Hara) with T-Ara's Jiyeon did a coupling forming in a horror experience with B7 (MBLAQ, Lee Sukhoon, Park Hyunbin) at a closed down school.

With the theme of 'Farming's God' they had to solve problems with the last place team going through a horror experience. Lee Joon - Kim Sori, Yang Seungho - Han Sunhwa, Chundoong - Victoria, G.O - Jooyeon, Goo Hara - Park Hyunbin, Hyomin - Lee Sukhoon - Narsha, and Jiyeon - Mir teams did the each person eating the pepper to make it short, putting a lot of watermelon seeds on their faces, taking off the stockings quickly, and trot singing challenges.

The last place team had to do a mission in a rennovated place of a closed down school. In particular during this process the coupled female/male members encountered the horror experience while holding hands and leaning on each other.

The same aged Jooyeon and G.O who had a scandal(?) in the previous episode lost at the Pepper Game, and the burning competitive couple Lee Sukhoon - Hyomin won with 2cm.

Also, although Han Sunhwa - Yang Seungho couple held hands tightly and took care of each other during the mission, the Lee Joon - Kim Sori couple were busy running away on their own by themself because of their fear.

SOURCE: Nate News