[News] Inspire.ME: M.E Journal about MBLAQ

 Inspire.ME: M.E Journal about MBLAQ

Artist : MBLAQ
Location : Cafe Si, Kangnam-Gu

M.E had the opportunity to meet with MBLAQ amidst their busy schedule (they were still promoting 'Y') a while ago. Considering the boys' busy schedule, they are only able to meet for quick coffee at night after their schedule. We decided to meet at a Cafe Si in Kangnam-Gu at 10.30PM on a friday night. We would like to express our gratitude towards the baristas and the management of the cafe for being very kind and accommodating towards M.E and also a personal friend of M.E's, Mr. Jino that acted as a tele-translator even though he was in Busan at that moment.

MBLAQ arrived right on time (very refreshing especially for M.E who are used to 'malaysian time' ^^") and what we notice immediately is how well they greet us. They bowed politely and greeted us cheerfully while coming into the cafe. The first thing they did was to leave their things on the table and then head straight to the gents to 'monitor' themselves. Then they sat on the table, placed their orders and start chatting nonstop (it seems like even though they are together 24/7 they still have a lot of things to talk about)

Thunder speaks with M.E the most as he is fluent in English but most of the members understands english and able to communicate which will surely pleases international fans. This is our observation on each member:

Seungho : Truly a leader.No language barrier even though he did not speak as he understand every single thing that M.E says. Fast in catching up with foreign language while we discuss about the greetings.

Thunder : Very tall and good looking in real life. Thunder is polite, soft spoken and it seems like he have a very gentle personality. he reminds us of a prince in those anime cartoons :)

Joon : Friendly. Funny and a little bit goofy. Photogenic in all angle, definitely a photographer's dream ^^. When M.E says something and he was listening he have this wide doe-eyed look and it seems like he is putting all his effort to understand everything. He actually asked M.E "Do you watch Ninja Assasin?" and when we answered 'Yes, you are so good!" he skipped away happily like a child which is adorable.

G.O : G.O is loud, hilarious and truly the joker of the group. He claims that is his concept in MBLAQ is 'cute' and he likes to pose cute all the time.He is always joking and his laugh is infectious. Please look forward to our Behind the Scene video as G.O was really funny in it!

MIR : Mir seems tired as he was very quiet that night. We were quite concern that he was not feeling well :( ..poor Mir, the busy schedule must really taken a toll on him.

M.E would like to thank MBLAQ for taking the time to meet with us (THANK YOU!) and we hope fans all over the world will show support and lots and lots of love towards the charismatic MBLAQ!

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