[News] Infinite to Be On 1st Episode of Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters (MBC Every1 12:10 PM) is a new program that collects strange stories and dig up the truth. Newcomer idol group Infinite will talk about a strange happening in their practice room while Norazo member, Leehyuk, will talk about a shadow he saw 14 years ago at a motel.

Infinite spoke about how if someone slept in their small practice room, they would be put in a scissor lock while Leehyuk said that the day after he saw the black shadow, there was a will written on the wall, what could be the reason. Idol group ZE:A (Children of Empire)’s Kim Dongjoon and Moon Junyoung are the MCs.

This is apparently a 3 episode summer special and the first episode is about ghosts met in the entertainment business and the first episode will air tomorrow with the rest following every Thursday at 12:10 PM on MBC Every1.

source : Hankyoreh News
picture taken from : MBC Every1′s Homepage
english : Hyejin @ Endless Limits