[News] Hype Nation's martial arts director falls into coma after accident on set, Hype Nation fails to compensate

An accident that occurred on the filming set of Hype Nation has been recently notified.

On the 31st, martial arts director Jun Sangjun (38) lost conscious while attempting to recreate a free fall scene. The air bag popped out of place, causing his head to directly hit the floor.

Khan Action Stunt Team's Jun Munshik stated, "Jun Sangjun fell from the roof of a water tank straight onto the cement floor and was moved to the hospital. He went into coma for a couple days but has regained consciousness. He injured the left side of his brain, causing his right arm and leg to become paralyzed but he's now beginning to speak and move a bit. Unfortunately, he's still unable to move freely and must remain down."

Although he has regained consciousness, due to problems with his occupational health and safety insurance along with the fact that he does not have any accident insurance, the issue of compensation remains quite bleak.

Jun Munshik went on to state, "When Jun was in the emergency room, the movie production company paid the hospitaㅣ fees. Unfortunately, he's not registered as an employee so he cannot receive any accident insurance. Treating him is the top priority right now so we'll see about the compensation ㅣater."

All responsibilities of filming within Korea is by 'Hype Nation Korea' which receives funds from Hype Nation LA and CJ Investment Firm. However, 'Hype Nation Korea' only has a few contracted employees registered since it's a company only by paper. The company will disappear as soon as filming is done in Korea. Because of such reasons, if the compensation matter is not solved as soon as possible, Jun will most likely never receive compensation.

Attorney Sung Daejin spoke on the 24th, "Currently, associates of Hype Nation state that they will be compensating him only by mouth. They specified in Jun's contract that he will be insured for accidents and that he will be compensated in the case of death or trauma. However, we have found out that he is not even insured for accidents."

CJ Investments stated, "We only invest. We have nothing to say regarding the production of the movie."
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