[News] "Hot! Debut Diary" Teen Top To become Teen Top they had to take 3 kinds of tests

From watching celebrities on TV how did they became stars? Which opportunity did they took while they were only dreaming of celebrities and how was their first steps in the entertainement world? We're curious about their successful top stars story but since we can't ask about it yet we'll talk about the first steps these promising 'stars'* and their progress. It's Asia Economy Daily's Sports Today's 'Star Hot Debut Diary' corner, we'll reveal serially these upcoming stars' hot debut diary. Teen Top, the idol group with 6 members who released on July 9th their first mini-album, are our main heroes.

The story of the formation of the teens members of the rookie male idol group, Teen Top.

During their pre-debuts, they were already recognized as a group and gained attention since all members of Teen Top are teenagers. With an average age of 16.3, they're one of the youngest active singers. With their 'knife dance'** and singing in live like in the studio version, they also give us powerful performances and lives, how did the members became 'Teen Top'?
Most of Teen Top members were discovered during the public large-scale audition called ANDY's Choice!. C.A.P, Niel and Changjo applied once while L.Joe applied twice, they passed the preliminary round over thousand of people, then the finals, until the final choice. Chunji and Ricky had closed auditions, that's how they became trainees.
After becoming trainees, we were waiting for real tests to become Teen Top.

First test as singers 'Evaluation Day'

There were 10 trainees who were candidates to become Teen Top who actually has 6 members. We were all teenagers who had pretty good singing and dancing skills, these friends didn't have any competitive spirit nor wariness but every month we had a test and following the results some couldn't train anymore. After the first test, even if the members couldn't say who was first and were immersed in the training, more than being each others rivals we were in a constantly fighting with ourselves.

Second real stage test "Every day come with a new song on stage"

With the Evaluation Day, Teen Top's candidates had an event at Lotte World every day. The Lotte World stage was an opportunity to use a big stage for us trainees who didn't even debut. So every day we praticed different songs and performances and we had only three days! We were having vocals lessons and dance training and seeing that there were only 3 days left to prepare our event at the same time, it was tough. But we had to do a perfect stage and the members who didn't trained enough and failed on stage received a punishment. In the end our friends couldn't make it and Teen Top members were the exceptions.

Third personallity test 'Salute 100 times'

Because it was our first time coming to the pratice room we had to begin with greetings. We had to shout about 100 times "Hello. We're Teen Top", at first even when we woke up we greeted since it became a habit. We did 90 degrees bow and when our waist hurts we wanted to cheat but then we remembered the words "If you can't even greet what song can you sing?". At this time we didn't understand well but now that we are active it's the most important in the seniors and juniors relationship, also with our co-workers and when we meet our fellow singers, it seems that we know now what's the point in praticing our greetings like that.

The next part of [Teen Top Hot! Debut Diary] is planned to come out on August 27th.

*the litteral meaning of star
**from 3:00 to 3:06 in the MV for those who are wondering

Source: Asia Economy Daily
Translation: BGSS2Maknae@6ToT

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