[NEWS] 'Hot Brothers' Park HwiSoon & Lee KiKwang reveal their opposite upper bodies

On MBC variety program 'Hot Brothers', Park HwiSoon and Lee KiKwang's upper bodies were revealed.

Recently, the 'Hot Brothers' members went to the studio for a 'imagination vacation' for those who did not get to go on vacation.

At filming, Park HwiSoon and Lee KiKwang attempted a 'beach date', which was on the BEST 5 list of things that viewers want to do on vacation.

Each was controlled by Park MyungSoo and Tak JaeHoon, bringing back the Tak-Kwang lines and the Park-Park brothers for the satisfaction and fun of the viewers.

Park MyungSoo and Tak JaeHoon, who have battled before at the final match of the avatar controlling battle, ordered even stronger commands on their avatars to show off their controlling skills.

Finally, Park MyungSoo commanded Park HwiSoon to "take off your shirt", and Park HwiSoon, after some hesitation, revealed his upper body and made all the women of the beach suffer.

At Park HwiSoon's undressing of his upper body, Lee KiKwang, too, revealed his toned upper body from exercising, giving humiliation to Park HwiSoon and at the same time giving happiness to women.

The two men's opposite bodies and a surprise Rain dance battle will be aired on August at 5:20PM.

CREDITS:hankyung (SOURCE);ilovepocky@B2ST RISING (TRANS)